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  1. Picasso Android Tutorial – Load Image from URL

    Picasso Android Tutorial – Load Image from URL In this tutorial you will learn how to use Picasso android library to load image from url. Picasso is an open source android library which is developed and maintai...Learn More
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  2. Difference between URI, URL and URN

    **Difference between URI, URL and URN** Here you will learn about difference between URI, URL and URN. When it comes about accessing WebPages, data, files, audio, videos and other stuff, the foremost thing a pr...Learn More
  3. Git: Change Remote Repo URL

    Git: Change Remote Repo URL While I had initially thought that it's very rare for a remote repository to change location, it actually happens a lot more than I realized. A remote repo may change from one privat...Learn More
  4. How to Download a File from a URL in Java

    How to Download a File from a URL in Java Are you looking to create your very own dataset for a new and innovative application? Or maybe you're trying to collect data for analysis for a college project and have...Learn More
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  5. Easily Parse URLs in JavaScript with parse-url

    Introduction Parsing URLs is a common task to perform during web development, and also one that seems to be simple but can get complex. It's not often that you come across a module that makes parsing so easy th...Learn More
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  6. JavaScript: Get Current URL and Components (Protocol, Domain, Port, Path, Query, Hash)

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction In this tutorial, we'll take a look at how to get the current URL of a loaded HTML page, using JavaScript. Firstly, let's take a look at a URL: https://www....Learn More
    JavaScriptURLDomainProgramming Languages
  7. How to embed a tag within a url templatetag in a django template?

    How do I embed a tag within a url templatetag in a django template? Django 1.0 , Python 2.5.2 In views.py def home_page_view(request): NUP={"HOMEPAGE": "named-url-pattern-string-for-my-home-page-view"} ...Learn More
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  8. Getting a full list of the URLS in a rails application

    How do I get a a complete list of all the urls that my rails application could generate? I don't want the routes that I get get form rake routes, instead I want to get the actul URLs corrosponding to all the ...Learn More
  9. URLs: Binary Blob, Unicode or Encoded Unicode String?

    I wish to store URLs in a database (MySQL in this case) and process it in Python. Though the database and programming language are probably not this relevant to my question. In my setup I receive unicode strin...Learn More
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  10. Do you validate your URL variables?

    When you're passing variables through your site using GET requests, do you validate (regular expressions, filters, etc.) them before you use them? Say you have the URL http://www.example.com/i=45&p=custfor...Learn More
  11. How can I programmatically test an HTTP connection?

    Using Java, how can I test that a URL is contactable, and returns a valid response? http://stackoverflow.com/about ...Learn More
    JavaHTTPURLhttpconnectionProgramming Languages
  12. How to get Url Hash (#) from server side

    I know on client side (javascript) you can use windows.location.hash but could not find anyway to access from the server side. ...Learn More
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