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  1. How to Recover Deleted Files After USB Drive Corrupt

    **How to Recover Deleted Files After USB Drive Corrupt** Nowadays losing data is a common phenomenon! Imagine you’ve invested all your time in preparing an important presentation for your office and in the morn...Learn More
  2. Get path of inserted usb in dbus

    I'm writing a program in python using dbus that detects inserted usb drives and manipulates the files inside of them. However, I can't seem to retrieve the path on my system of an inserted usb. Is there someway...Learn More
  3. Listen to USB keyboard with Python

    The setup: a minimalistic Linux (OpenWRT on ASUS router), a USB keyboard (assume I know the device name like /dev/hiddev0) A goal: write a python (or shell, in this case I can use it like a proxy for python) s...Learn More
  4. Security Flaw in my Python Program

    I am working on a small program that requires the user to insert a USB Flash Drive (pre configured) to login to the system. The way it works right now is you log in to the windows OS, like usual. Then the scrip...Learn More
  5. Listing all USB drives in Linux

    How can I get a list of removable drives (plugged into USB) in Linux? I'm fine with using KDE, GNOME or other DE libraries if it would make things easier....Learn More
  6. USB - sync vs async vs semi-async

    Updates: I wrote an asynchronous C version and it works as it should. Turns out the speed issue was due to Python's GIL. There's a method to fine tune its behavior. sys.setcheckinterval(interval) Setting inter...Learn More
  7. python pyusb import usb.core doesn't work

    I am following the tutorial(http://pyusb.sourceforge.net/docs/1.0/tutorial.html) I am on windows xp sp3, my python version is 2.7 and I downloaded and installed the pyusb-1.0.0-a1.zip and libusb-win32-bin-1.2....Learn More
  8. FreeBSD USB Boot on Raspberry Pi 4

    I’ve been fascinated by the Raspberry Pi since it was first introduced in 2012. I bought my very first one that year. Because they were so inexpensive, I ended up with a few. The default OS on Raspberry Pi has...Learn More
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  9. Documentation for CMX ColdFire USB-Lite stack

    This is my first embedded project, so bear with my ignorance. I've been asked to implement Remote NDIS over USB, using the ColdFire USB-Lite stack by CMX. I've been searching for a long time now, and can't fin...Learn More
  10. External USB devices to Android phones?

    I would like to use Android phones as a way to do some processing and visualization of a sensor that would be attached to the USB port on the phone. The sensor would plug into the micro/mini USB, and then I wou...Learn More
  11. Security experts warn against borrowing USB chargers

    Cybersecurity experts stated that using someone else charging cable might bring threats to your mobile devices. Attackers could exploit charging cables/cords to access sensitive information from the victim’s mo...Learn More
  12. USB Endpoint Stalled Error

    I am getting "endpoint stalled error" in my CDC device. The usb stack is detecting the cable. The state is set as running but the errorcode is set as 0x11 which indicates 'USB_ENDPOINT_STALLED'. I verified and ...Learn More