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  1. Client-Side Form Validation Using Vanilla JavaScript

    Introduction Most web applications nowadays will require you to fill out a form at some point, be it an online banking application or a music streaming service. And because end users are never to be trusted, we...Learn More
    JavaScriptVanillaJSFormValidationClient-SideProgramming Languages
  2. Form Data Validation in Node.js With Validator.js

    Form Data Validation in Node.js With Validator.js Introduction Almost every website involves collecting user input through html forms. Whenever we collect user data, we have to validate it. In Computer Science,...Learn More
    NodejsJavaScriptFormValidationFrameworkProgramming Languages
  3. Flask Form Validation with Flask-WTF

    Flask Form Validation with Flask-WTF Introduction Form validation is one of the most essential components of data entry in web applications. Users can make mistakes, some users are malicious. With input validat...Learn More
    PythonflaskWebsiteFormValidationProgramming Languages
  4. Angular Form Validation

    Angular Form Validation Introduction One of the most common features in any web application is providing a form to users to input some data. You use forms daily to log in, register, place orders, etc. Processin...Learn More
    AngularJavaScriptFormValidationFrameworkProgramming Languages
  5. Form Data Validation in Node.js with express-validator

    Form Data Validation in Node.js with express-validator Introduction It is imperative to carry out server-side validation when building applications - especially client-facing applications. The reason being, one...Learn More
    JavaScriptNodejsexpressValidationFormProgramming LanguagesFramework
  6. Spring Custom Password Validation

    Spring Custom Password Validation Introduction These days, password policies are very common and exist on most platforms online. While certain users don't really like them, there's a reason why they exist – mak...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring BootValidationProgramming Languages
  7. Spring Boot Thymeleaf Form Data Validation with Bean Validator

    Spring Boot Thymeleaf Form Data Validation with Bean Validator Introduction Form Data Validation is a very common, and rudimentary step in building any web application with user input. We want to make sure that...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring BootthymeleafFormValidationProgramming Languages
  8. Cross Validation and Grid Search for Model Selection in Python

    Cross Validation and Grid Search for Model Selection in Python Introduction A typical machine learning process involves training different models on the dataset and selecting the one with best performance. Howe...Learn More
    Pythonscikit-learnMachine LearningValidationsearchProgramming LanguagesDev
  9. Scikit-Learn's train_test_split() - Training, Testing and Validation Sets

    Introduction Scikit-Learn is one of the most widely-used Machine Learning library in Python. It's optimized and efficient - and its high-level API is simple and easy to use. Scikit-Learn has a plethora of conve...Learn More
    Pythonartificial intelligenceMachine Learningscikit-learndata sciencetestingValidationProgramming LanguagesDev
  10. Split Train, Test and Validation Sets with Tensorflow Datasets - tfds

    Introduction Tensorflow Datasets, also known as tfds is is a library that serves as a wrapper to a wide selection of datasets, with proprietary functions to load, split and prepare datasets for Machine and Deep...Learn More
    PythonMachine Learningtensorflowdata scienceDeep LearningValidationProgramming LanguagesDev
  11. Guide to Nest.js - Building a REST API with Nest and Node

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } As a Node.js backend developer, you will agree that by default, Node.js is very bare bones, and makes no assumptions about what you need while building an app. As a resu...Learn More
  12. Introducing the GTFS-realtime Validator

    An open-source tool to help improve the quality of real-time transit data Real-time transit information has been shown to have many benefits to transit riders, including shorter perceived wait time¹, shorter a...Learn More
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