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  1. Android Play Video From URL Using VideoView Example

    Android Play Video From URL Using VideoView Example Here you will learn how to play video from url in android using videoview. We can using VideoView widget to play offline video as well as video from url. In b...Learn More
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  2. Android Show MediaController

    I am adding MediaController to a VideoView, but it does not show up unless I tap the phone. The controller disappears after a while. Is there a way I can have the MediaController show always? Thanks Chris ...Learn More
  3. Android VideoView LinearLayout LayoutParams

    My app plays a video using VideoView. I am using a LinearLayout to add some text, the video and then some buttons. My question is what kind of layout params can I use for the VideoView to make sure it plays w...Learn More
  4. Only loading video into VideoView without instantly playing

    I got a question is it possible in Android to load the video data into a VideoView without it instantly starting to play?? If so, how could I do that? Thank you. ...Learn More
  5. Managing video stream buffering in Android

    I have an issue with streaming video file via HTTP. VideoView is used. And I have noticed that buffer percentage decrease when seeking back. Also I have noticed that video start downloading once again if it is...Learn More
  6. if Video View creates delay for video view show message for user

    I am developing a Live video streaming application for android. For video playing I am just passing the URL for VideoView. Most of the times video is playing well. But sometimes when server is down,I found V...Learn More
  7. VideoView doesn't start when invisible

    I have an AsyncTask, where I hide a video view, start the video playback, and show the video view when the video is playing. But the video would just not start when the video view is set to invisible, the asyn...Learn More
  8. SD Card Video is not playing?

    I am not able to play video file from SD Card. - I am playing particular video file from SD Card. -while select video from list it will not playing video. -what i am passing intent to videoView class is not rea...Learn More
  9. Opening RTSP video in VideoView

    I wan't to open a .3gp video that is hosted on a remote server in a VideoView inside my app. The protocol used is RTSP. I keep getting this error: 04-07 19:26:32.528: E/MediaPlayer(7358): Unable to to create me...Learn More
  10. Why does my android app say "Cannot play video" after playback?

    I have a simple application that starts with a splash screen activity that plays an mp4 video within a VideoView. When the video has completed, I'm trying to start a new activity via an OnCompletionListener. Wh...Learn More
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  11. Resume playing VideoView from onResume

    I have a VideoView and it is pause when I start an Email intent. When the email intent is done, I want the videoView to continue playing, however, it restarts from the beginning. @Override public void onPause(...Learn More
  12. Video don't play from same time when change screen orientation

    I like this site very much because I can find many useful solutions help me very much especially I'm beginner in android programming and this is my first question so I hope find helping from this great communit...Learn More