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  1. Vim for Python Development

    Vim for Python Development What is Vim? Vim is a powerful text editor that belongs to one of the default components on every Linux distribution, as well as Mac OSX. Vim follows its own concept of usage, causing...Learn More
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  2. How to Vim

    Learning how to use Vim is kinda intimidating. Correction: it’s very intimidating. You’re essentially learning a different way to edit code, let alone text. Many wrongfully deem it a “waste of time” to pick up ...Learn More
  3. Vim errorformat for Visual Studio

    I want to use Vim's quickfix features with the output from Visual Studio's devenv build process or msbuild. I've created a batch file called build.bat which executes the devenv build like this: devenv MySln.sln...Learn More
  4. How to configure IPython to use gvim on Windows?

    This really looks like something I should be able to find on Google, but for some reason I can't make heads or tails of it. There's the EDITOR environment variable, the ipy_user_conf.py file, the ipythonrc file...Learn More
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  5. VIM visual mode: highlight last 2 chars in each line?

    I like Vim's visual mode. v for highlight/select chars or lines, Ctrlv for rectangle highlighting, as far as I know (I am a beginner). Is there any way to use visual mode to highlight last two chars, for exampl...Learn More
  6. Can I transpose a file in Vim?

    I know I can use AWK but I am on a Windows box. I am making a function for others that may not have AWK. I also know I can write a C program but I would love not have to create maintain and compile something ...Learn More
    Pythonvimtext-filestext-parsingProgramming Languages
  7. How to interact through vim?

    I am writing an editor which has lot of parameters that could be easily interacted with through text. I find it inconvenient to implement a separate text-editor or lots of UI code for every little parameter. Us...Learn More
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  8. How do I get omnicompletion for Python external libraries?

    I've setup my gVim to have omnicompletion, but only for the standard library atm.. How do I include other libraries (Django, Pygame, etc...)? Thanks!...Learn More
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  9. Vim syntax highlighting 'else:' for Python

    I'm getting annoyed with the default python syntax highlighting in Vim. It does not highlight the else: statement correctly. Vim only highlights the else statement if I have some white space between the else a...Learn More
    Pythonvimsyntax-highlightingvim-syntax-highlightingProgramming Languages
  10. Vim, Python and curses

    I wrote a small python script for vim that uses the curses library. When I try to call the function curses complains about: Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 9, in <m...Learn More
    PythonvimcursesProgramming Languages
  11. Vim search and replace selected text

    Let's say we have a text, and I enter visual mode and select some text. How do I quickly do a search for the highlighted text and replace it with something else? ...Learn More
  12. Why is \%(\) faster than \(\) in Vim?

    I am confused by the docs: \%(\) A pattern enclosed by escaped parentheses. */\%(\)* */\%(* *E53* Just like \(\), but without counting it as a sub-expression. This allows using more groups and it's...Learn More