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  1. OpenVPN vs PPTP vs L2TP – VPN Protocols Comparison

    **OpenVPN vs PPTP vs L2TP – VPN Protocols Comparison** You realize that you need a VPN. The decision that you have to make is if you want to set up a VPN or if you want to use a VPN provider. If you go the prov...Learn More
  2. Stunnel + OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 16.04

    Pre-requisites The article assumes you already have a Ubuntu 16.04 machine setup somewhere. This can either be on AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode, Aliyun or any other locations. Here are is the list of articles on h...Learn More
  3. Build Your Own VPN Using Google Cloud Platform

    Creating Your Own VPN Go to the OpenVPN website and find “Access Server on GCP.” Then click “Get Started.” Once clicked, it will forward you to the Google Cloud Platform website. You should see the OpenVPN acc...Learn More
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  4. Why Do I Need A VPN?

    Most people in this day and age have heard about VPN or Virtual Private Networks. Many people ask the question; does a VPN help me to access secure internet? A VPN helps to make sure your Internet connection i...Learn More
  5. Famous YouTube couple Evan And Katelyn offer VPN with a discount

    Evan and Katelyn is a popular YouTube duo that has a channel full of different types of funny videos of literally making stuff. To be more specific, in the videos, this couple does some woodworking, 3D printing...Learn More
  6. Kurtis Conner suggests VPN — get best deal you can

    Kurtis Conner is a YouTuber and a commentator. Most of his videos aren’t supposed to be funny or crazy or anything like that. What he does is an accurate criticism when celebrities have taken it too far, or rea...Learn More
  7. Biographics offers VPN with a discount — curious what is the best available deal?

    Biographics is a famous Youtube channel that is hosted by a vlogger and educator Simon Whistler. In the videos, Simon talks about various important people from history, such as military leaders, dictators, poli...Learn More
  8. Rhykker is offering a big NordVPN discount — check out his special deal

    Rhykker is a prominent YouTuber that mostly focuses on Blizzard Entertainment releases. Blizzard is one of the most popular video game development company, that created such legends as Starcraft, Diablo series,...Learn More
  9. Karl Jobst speedrunning channel is offering a NordVPN discount

    Video games are tons of fun, and more and more people tune in to play them, especially when the quarantine has everybody locked in their homes. There are many ways to play a video game, maybe you just want to c...Learn More
  10. Petr Mara is offering NordVPN discount — read on how to get it

    Peter Mara is a Czech YouTuber and technology evangelist that runs a successful YouTube channel. The channel was created in June 2006, and since then gathered 118k subscribers that generated over 16 million vie...Learn More
  11. The Game Theorists exposed: You can get a huge NordVPN discount

    Matpat, the creator of the YouTube channel The Game Theorists also hosts and uploads a lot of videos about the secrets in all our favorite video games. Half life, Portal, GTA V (Franklin might be CJ’s son) and ...Learn More
  12. MdeMatu VPN Discount — Get coupon for 83% off

    MdeMatu is a Youtube channel created by María José Garcés Rodríguez and on this channel you can find all sorts of things from makeup tutorials, fashion advice and recent gossip news. On this channel you can al...Learn More