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  1. What Is VPS Hosting And Why Do You Need It?

    **What Is VPS Hosting And Why Do You Need It?** A VPS is a virtualized server that has the tendency to mimic the dedicated server within the environment of hosting. In simple words, it is technically a virtual ...Learn More
  2. Where to put PHP frameworks on Linux host

    I have a Linux (CentOS) host that hosts 5 websites of mine. There are two different PHP frameworks (Yii & Zend), each of my sites is based on one of them. Where would be an appropriate place to keep them, w...Learn More
  3. Backup all web files from VPS

    I have a VPS, there are tens websites and I need to make a regular backups, let´s say twice in a week (sunday 11pm and Wednesday 11pm). I have only minimal experience with server management, and user exp. with ...Learn More
  4. How to individually set mbstring.func_overload = 0 for Roundcube

    I got VPS Debian 7 Apache + PHP. In php.ini I set mbstring.func_overload = 2 for all services. But unfortunately Roundcube doesn't work with this setting: ERROR: Wrong 'mbstring.func_overload' option value. Rea...Learn More
  5. how to upload django app on VPS with cent os

    I am new in Django and I finished my first Django app with sqlite recently. Now I have a VPS with linux cent os. Please give me a source for full structure of how to Upload my app to my VPS.(I have no experienc...Learn More
  6. MongoDB in OpenVZ VPS

    There are some discussions about the problem associated with MongoDB caching in OpenVZ, I was unable to find a practical solution. The issue is related to the memory in OpenVZ, as MongoDB does not consume free ...Learn More
  7. Executing Linux command via PHP

    I'm running Debian 7 on my VPS and I want to have a PHP scripting that would allow me to do the following thing: I have a MTA server and I have logfiles in a separate directory (/root/mta/resources/logs) and t...Learn More
  8. Statistic for requests in deployed VPS servers

    I was thinking about different scalability features, and suddenly understand that I don't really know how much can handle one server (VPS). The question for them who have loaded projects. Imagine server with: ...Learn More
  9. Deploying with Capistrano from Local Machine to VPS

    I'm trying to deploy a Rails application from my local machine to the VPS through Capistrano. I've installed Capistrano by including it in the Gemfile and running 'bundle'. Then I ran 'capify .' and added the f...Learn More
  10. Is it possible to use node.js server without having the Port number appear in the URL.

    I have a VPS using apache on port 80, but want to use node.js for a subdomain, without the port node will be using appear in the address bar. ...Learn More
  11. SMTP AUTH extension not supported by server in python 2.4

    This is my normal code in my VPS hosting which provide python 2.4 def mail(receiver,Message): import smtplib try: s=smtplib.SMTP() s.connect("smtp.gmail.com",465) s.login("email...Learn More
  12. Executing/Running python script on ubuntu server

    I've uploaded my .html chat file on my Ubuntu VPS, all that remains is to execute/run the python script pywebsock.py which will run the python server. I've uploaded the pywebsock.py to /bin/www and now I want t...Learn More