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  1. How to Make a Body or Object in VR (Virtual Reality)?

    **How to Make a Body or Object in VR (Virtual Reality)?** If you’ve enjoyed gaming using an Oculus Rift S or Sony PlayStation headset, then you’ve had a hands-on experience of VR. Nowadays, the concept of virtu...Learn More
  2. VR Journalism: The New Way of Storytelling

    Journalism hasn’t changed much throughout the years — until VR (Virtual Reality) stepped into the game. In traditional journalism, an event happens, you pick up your notebook, slam the doors of your media van, ...Learn More
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  3. How to Prototype VR Designs Without Code

    My key takeaway: when looking at the way we work and will work in the future, there is a lot of potential to use VR for certain tasks. This became increasingly obvious in the months since the COVID-19 pandemic ...Learn More
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  4. Secrets of The Immersive Sale: A Chat With Adam Caplan

    If you’ve kept up with BadVR on Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ve probably seen a LOT of exciting activity here at BadVR. While it’s been difficult to keep up sometimes, we are truly grateful to be actively building ...Learn More
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  5. The VR Industry, Part 1: Cinematic VR

    And that wasn’t even the hardest part. In addition to hardware engineering limitations, there was another major hurdle: software. VR cameras are made up of multiple small cameras arranged in a sphere. After you...Learn More
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  6. Dwell and Wander: The Non-Narrative Potential of VR

    Dwell and Wander: The Non-Narrative Potential of VR Approaching virtual reality as a visual artist, not filmmaker. About a year ago I began thinking about how I wanted to approach VR creation. I came to the c...Learn More
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  7. How Technicolor Saved Itself From Creative Destruction

    Technicolor’s HDR grading environment. The company has gone from processing and duplicating films to managing digital assets. (Photo Credit: Technicolor) “VR is not one thing. Interactivity is not one thing. T...Learn More
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  8. Happy Holidays & December Recap from Stan World

    Here is a recap of some milestones that were hit this month. We have published the 7th entry of an ongoing series in our Fanthropology analysis — The Study of Fans and IP’s (Stars & Brands) and their impact an...Learn More
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  9. Using Zimbardo’s ‘Psychology of Evil’ to Combat Harassment in Social VR

    Using Zimbardo’s ‘Psychology of Evil’ to Combat Harassment in Social VR As with all social contexts, social VR platforms have not been immune to disreputable behavior. Over the past roughly two years, there’s...Learn More
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  10. The VR Industry, Part 5: What’s Next

    As discussed in my last post, I believe entertainment is the single biggest opportunity in the VR industry right now. For the final installment in this series, I’ll summarize what’s been said so far and specula...Learn More
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  11. The Land: Swarm: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 5)

    Aleron Kong’s #1 Best Selling LitRPG Saga continues in “The Land: Swarm” The enemies of the Mist Village are moving, the storm clouds are gathering, what are Richter and Sion to do??? Crush the game, that’s w...Learn More
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  12. The Land: Founding (Chaos Seeds #1)

    Welcome my friends! Welcome… to “The Land!” Tricked into a world of banished gods, demons, goblins, sprites and magic, Richter must learn to meet the perils of The Land and begin to forge his own kingdom. Act...Learn More
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