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  1. Windows Form Analog Clock integrate to Web Part Moss 2007

    I have a windows form analog clock and I need to create a web part (moss 2007). my code using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Security; using Syste...Learn More
  2. How to store the personalization setting of IGoogle component?

    I use IGoogle component inettuts to make my portal more attractive and easy to use interface. The main problem I want to ask about is: How to store the personalization setting, to make it the default when the...Learn More
  3. Sharepoint 2010: How to access analytics data to create summary roll-up web parts?

    I know there is a web analytics web part out of the box, but it isn't configurable and is limited to "most viewed" and "most searched terms". I want to display data like "most emailed" and "recently viewed" in...Learn More
  4. Wait on loading SharePoint Webparts - timing issue

    I'm experiencing what appears to be a timing issue when loading a few webparts in the same SharePoint 2007 site. Currently I have a few webparts on my site, all aligned vertically aligned. I want the bottom-mo...Learn More
  5. How can I get the current user-GUID in SharePoint 2010?

    How can I get the GUID of the current user in SharePoint 2010 with C#? The following is my code: public string readAndEncodeGUID() { Guid userGuid = Guid.Empty; SPSecurity.RunWithElevat...Learn More
  6. Get logged on user on external Sharepoint Web Part

    Lots of places use sharepoint. How can we securely retrieve the logged on sharepoint user when they view our app inside a web part? ...Learn More
  7. How to apply custom theme/skin to SharePoint 2010 visual web part in visual studio 2010

    After learning how to apply custom theme and CSS to ASP.Net web application in visual studio 2010, I would like to add same functionality to a SharePoint 2010 visual Web Part but I discovered that the theme fol...Learn More
  8. how to add radiobutton for a category in editor part sharepoint

    how to add radiobutton for a category in editor part sharepoint?? for dropdownlist, textbox ,checkbox we can use enum,string or int,bool but if i want to add radiobutton,radiobuttonlist or any other control in...Learn More
  9. How to enable a WebPartDisplayMode

    I am trying to add a webpart to page and I cannot get the "Edit" mode to enable. Only the browse mode is enabled. How do I enable Edit and Design modes? ...Learn More
  10. Sharepoint Webpart Properties / Rich text box?

    Is it possible to make a String in a web part properties editable with a rich text box (to be able to use the Bold, etc.) ? UPDATE / SOLUTION The 1st class is the "Custom property" that should appear in the to...Learn More
  11. Hiding user interface parts in WSS 3.0 webpart - how?

    I have a webpart with asp.net control within. I would like to hide some parts of that control, some asp:net panels etc. regarding one of the TextBox's value. The issue is that I don't know to change the visibil...Learn More
  12. Sharepoint web part form validation blocks updating web part settings

    I have written a web part in C# for Sharepoint 2007 which has a single field which is validated as a required field using RequiredFieldValidator(). The web part also has some configuration fields (ones you edi...Learn More