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  1. Android WebView Example

    Android WebView Example Here you will get android webview example. Android WebView is a UI component used to open web url or show html data inside the activity. Below I have given two examples, one is for openi...Learn More
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  2. How can I let android emulator talk to the localhost?

    I'm running an android app on the emulator. This app tries to load a html file using the webview api. I also have a simple http server running on the same computer under the directory where I want to serve the...Learn More
  3. Loading Cache when Offline in Android Webview

    I have an application which loads urls from a website. Now I want that the application to use the cache when offline. But I just get the failure page which says that im not connected to the website. At first I ...Learn More
  4. Intercept html button click

    is there any possibility to intercept when a user clicks on a html button? I ve an webviewclient that load a login page with two buttons. Allow and Deny. I would you like to intercept when the deny button is pr...Learn More
  5. Load images or whole site from local "assets" folder using webview

    The question I have is simple but hard to put in words, I'll give it a try anyways. I am trying to load a web page in webview. However, the load time is a little bit too high. Is there any way I can put the ...Learn More
  6. Android - Use WebView to evaluate a javascript string and return the value

    Given that scripting is not natively supported in Android and wrapping libraries like javax.script.ScriptEngine into your app will make it too large, is it possible to send a javascript string to an invisible...Learn More
  7. Android WebView performance

    In my app, I am loading a list of external url's in webview and allow user to flip through them. Webviews are loaded on to a view flipper. I find the performance is really bad in webview load url. I have tri...Learn More
  8. How can I retrieve the HTML to be loaded into a WebView (or WebFrame) from a local persistent store?

    So, I have a bunch of HTML is being stored in a SQLite database, and they link back and forth amongst themselves. When a user clicks to follow a link, that request needs to be serviced by pulling the appropriat...Learn More
  9. Android adding HTML content on a webview without space

    I am trying to add an HTML content to a web view. If the words in the HTML content are without spaces then webview keeps that particular word on the same line.I want that content to be wrapped and be on the nex...Learn More
  10. android loading and saving images on the device

    I am building the application that will load list of news from the website. Each news/headline has an image. I want to save/cash the images so user does not has to download them again. Q: In your opinion, what...Learn More
  11. Which methods and class will be invoke when reload a webpage or open a new webpage in safari

    As we know , When we load frame from webpage of safari, we will invoke the delegate methods of webkit informal protocol(WebFrameLoadDelegate): webView:didStartProvisionalLoadForFrame: webView:didChangeLoc...Learn More
  12. How would I use a button on my app to set the current URL that a WebView is showing?

    How would I use a button on my app to set the current URL that a WebView is showing? ...Learn More