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  1. JavaScript: How to Redirect to Another Webpage

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction Oftentimes, we need to redirect users to another website or another web page on the same site. There are several ways to redirect which include JavaScript r...Learn More
  2. Difference between Webpage and Website

    **Difference between Webpage and Website** The difference between webpage and website is unanimously erred in terms of their functionalities, and often when anyone reads these two terms starting with “Web.” Bot...Learn More
  3. Fetch webpage, get different results?

    I'm trying to fetch this page (it's in Chinese, sorry for that): amazon(dot)cn/s?rh=n:663227051 using the following code: import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.FileWriter; import java.io.IOException; im...Learn More
  4. javascript to get paragraph of selected text in web page

    After highlighting text, I would like to obtain the paragraph in which the selected text resides. var select = window._content.document.getSelection(); Any pointers please?...Learn More
  5. How to fetch complete webpage (using javascript) in python

    I'm trying to use urllib2 to fetch webpage from a website. After I managed to log on and retrieve the page, I found out the page has some <script>.....</script> inside. How can I save the rendered t...Learn More
  6. JavaScript at bottom/top of web page?

    I was just using the plugin "Yslow" for Mozilla Firefox, and it told me that I should put JavaScript at the bottom. I have heard this before but haven't really thought about it too much. Is there really an ad...Learn More
  7. how to determine if webpage has been modified

    I have snapshots of multiple webpages taken at 2 times. What is a reliable method to determine which webpages have been modified? I can't rely on something like an RSS feed, and I need to ignore minor noise l...Learn More
  8. How to download a webpage in php

    I was wondering how I could download a webpage in php for parsing? ...Learn More
  9. Strange image load problem html/php

    I have been trying to solve this strange problem with a website I am designing. The image for the logo doesn't load in Firefox - you need to hover your mouse over the ALT text that is displayed, and the logo w...Learn More
  10. How to convert an html webpage to a picture

    How to convert an html webpage to a picture like google preview. Is there a Java library permitting this? Is there a command-line argument to call browsers to make them convert a web page into a picture .png...Learn More
  11. How to Capture Full-Screen Webpage on Your Mac?

    Capturing Screenshots on Mac computers are easy to take, and you can also share with friends and colleagues. You can easily upload the same on social media sites or somewhere else where you wish, but is it poss...Learn More
  12. Multiple displays of the one image file on a web page = multiple http requests to the same file?

    If I display abc.jpg 20 times on a web page, does loading of the web page cause 20 http requests to the abc.jpg? Or it depends if I am using relative or absolute paths? Thanks ...Learn More