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  1. Closing Wikipedia’s Gender Gap

    By now, it’s second nature. When you come across an unfamiliar name, you search for it online. Google’s algorithm typically includes the relevant Wikipedia pages near the top of its search results. But what hap...Learn More
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  2. What Wikipedia saw during election week in the U.S., and what we’re doing next

    Election Day in the United States was a critical moment for the country, with impacts that will extend well beyond one election cycle. For many Americans, it was an anxiety-inducing event. While voters waited —...Learn More
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  3. Wikipedia’s Random Articles — DiCaprio to Calypso

    What I find most fascinating with browsing Wiki, is how quickly I look at one article but swiftly find myself reading about something completely unrelated — or is it? Wikipedia is fantastic, a collection of in...Learn More
  4. Implementing a history feature à la Wikipedia

    I am writing a Web application that has a user interface for editing documents. What is the best way to implement a history feature like Wikipedia's where edits to a document can be viewed? ...Learn More
  5. get first paragraph from wikipedia article

    I'm using following code to get the first paragraph from a Wikipedia article. Here is the result of my code. I need only this paragraph. Is it possible? Or is there any better alternative? '''Papori''' ({{l...Learn More
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  6. download articles from wikipedia using special export

    I want to be able to download full histories of a few thousand articles from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Export and I am looking for a programmatic approach to automate it. I want to save result as XML...Learn More
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  7. Wikipedia philosophy game diagram in python and R

    So I am relatively new to python, and in order to learn, I have started writing a program that goes online to wikipedia, finds the first link in the overview section of a random article, follows that link and ...Learn More
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  8. Content of infobox of Wikipedia

    I need to get the content of an infobox of any movie. I know the name of the movie. One way is to get the complete content of a Wikipedia page and then parse it until I find {{Infobox and then get the content o...Learn More
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  9. Extracting brackets with regex from a string in python

    How I can extract {{template|{{template2}}|other params}} from this string if we just know "template": {{template0}} {{template|{{template2}}|other params}} {{template3}} ...Learn More
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  10. Ignore Wikipedia Redirects with mwlib

    I'm using mwlib in Python to iterate over a Wikipedia dump. I want to ignore redirects and just look at page contents with the actual full title. I've already run mw-buildcdb, and I'm loading that: wiki_env = w...Learn More
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  11. Jquery and Wikipedia API user agent problem

    i'm trying to use the wikipedia api, but i read that is necessary to send a non generic user-agent... i'm using jquery with ajax call...but i dont know what to do to make it working.... thanks ...Learn More
  12. Why do I get strange results when I get the Wikipedia API via PHP?

    I'm using PHP to access the Wikipedia API. This is the URL I'm getting: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&prop=revisions|links&titles=google&rvprop=ids|timestamp|user|comment|content&a...Learn More
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