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  1. XSLT Explained

    XSLT Explained What is XSLT? XSLT is, in my opinion, similar to the likes of the Mako and Chameleon templating engines. XSLT is mainly used to transform some type of structured markup language (like XML) to ano...Learn More
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  2. Does Python 2.5 include a package to natively transform an XML document?

    In my Python app, I have an XML document that I'd like to transform using my XSL file. I'm currently using xml.etree to generate the XML document, but I haven't found anything within Python 2.5 that will allow...Learn More
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  3. Processing XML into MySQL in good form

    I need to process XML documents of varying formats into records in a MySQL database on a daily basis. The data I need from each XML document is interspersed with a good deal of data I don't need, and each docu...Learn More
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  4. java append to file

    I googled for this for a while but can't seem to find it and it should be easy. I want to append a CR to then end of an XML file that I am creating with a Transformer. Is there a way to do this> I tried the fol...Learn More
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  5. How to apply an alphanumeric sort in XSLT

    Based on the following XML, what is the best way to achieve an alphanumeric sort in XSL? Edit: to clarify, the XML below is just a simple sample the real XML would contain much more variant values. <colo...Learn More
  6. How can I prevent these redundant namespaces from an XSLT stylesheet?

    When using an XSLT stylesheet to transform an XML file which contains embedded XHTML (using namespaces) into pure XHTML, I'm left with redundant namespace definitions on the elements which were originally XHTML...Learn More
  7. Optional parameters when calling an XSL template

    Is there way to call an XSL template with optional parameters? For example: <xsl:call-template name="test"> <xsl:with-param name="foo" select="'fooValue'" /> <xsl:with-par...Learn More
  8. SVG to black-and-white

    I would like to be able to convert SVG documents to black and white. My try is the following Makefile script using 'sed' : %.bw.svg: %.svg sed '/stroke:none/!s/stroke:[^;\"]*/stroke:black/g' $< &...Learn More
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  9. java xslt tutorial

    Can any one suggest good XSLT with java tutorials? ...Learn More
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  10. Java, XSLT: How to handle the dynamic namespaces generated by Axis in XSLT

    I have an application that calls a web service (axis based) to get a response in the following format: <?xml version="1.0"?> <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">...Learn More
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  11. convert an xs:float value to a hex-string representation of its binary value

    Using xsl 2.0, how would you convert an xs:float value to a hex-string representation of its binary value? i have no problem doing this for an integer (divide by 16 recursively and concatenate chars 0-9A-F), b...Learn More
  12. Conditional Auto increment in xsl

    I have an XML like this: &lt;V&gt; &lt;W&gt; &lt;X&gt;1&lt;/X&gt; &lt;/W&gt; &lt;W&gt; &lt;Y&gt;1&lt;/Y&gt; &lt;/W&gt; ...Learn More