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  1. Is there a way to run a python script that is inside a zip file from bash?

    I know there is a way to import modules which are in a zip file with python. I created kind of custom python package library in a zip file. I would like to put as well my "task" script in this package, those ...Learn More
  2. Python limit of the * operator and zip() function

    I have a Python code similar to this one: for lines in zip(*files): # do something where files is a list of files, each file is a list of lines and each line is a list of strings. Therefore, the code above ...Learn More
  3. Best process for auto-zipping of multiple MP3s

    I've got a project which requires a fairly complicated process and I want to make sure I know the best way to do this. I'm using ASP.net C# with Adobe Flex 3. The app server is Mosso (cloud server) and the file...Learn More
  4. What is the purpose of a zip function (as in Python or C# 4.0)?

    Someone asked How to do Python’s zip in C#?... ...which leads me to ask, what good is zip? In what scenarios do I need this? Is it really so foundational that I need this in the base class library? ...Learn More
  5. How would you zip an unknown number of lists in Python?

    Let's say I have the following lists: assignment = ['Title', 'Project1', 'Project2', 'Project3'] grades = [ ['Jim', 45, 50, 55], \ ['Joe', 55, 50, 45], \ ['Pat', 55, 60, 65] ] I could zip...Learn More
  6. Is it possible to generate and return a ZIP file with App Engine?

    I have a small project that would be perfect for Google App Engine. Implementing it hinges on the ability to generate a ZIP file and return it. Due to the distributed nature of App Engine, from what I can tel...Learn More
  7. ZipFile module in Python - Runtime problems

    I'm doing a little script to zip multiple folders in multiple zip files following a certain structure. I've built the structure as a list. Here are some entries: ['E:\Documents\UFSCar\Primeiro Ano\Primeiro Seme...Learn More
  8. How do I read selected files from a remote Zip archive over HTTP using Python?

    I need to read selected files, matching on the file name, from a remote zip archive using Python. I don't want to save the full zip to a temporary file (it's not that large, so I can handle everything in memory...Learn More
  9. Django Zip upload permission problem

    I have few uploads in this app, uploading csv files is working fine. I have a model that has zip upload in it. Zip file is uploaded, can be viewed, but having issues extracting it. class Message(models.Model...Learn More
  10. Is there a python module for regex matching in zip files

    I have over a million text files compressed into 40 zip files. I also have a list of about 500 model names of phones. I want to find out the number of times a particular model was mentioned in the text files. ...Learn More
  11. Write a password protected Zip file in Java

    I need to zip and password-protect a file. Is there a good (free) library for this? This needs to be opened by a third party, so the password protection needs to work with standard tools. ...Learn More
  12. Reading the same file multiple times in Python

    I need to download a zip archive of text files, dispatch each text file in the archive to other handlers for processing, and finally write the unzipped text file to disk. I have the following code. It uses mult...Learn More