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  1. Python zlib Library Tutorial

    Python zlib Library Tutorial What is Python zlib The Python zlib library provides a Python interface to the zlib C library, which is a higher-level abstraction for the DEFLATE lossless compression algorithm. Th...Learn More
  2. how to detect quickly if a string is zlib compressed?

    What's the quickest way in python to determine if a string was compressed by zlib. I am using this currently. def iscompressed(data): result = True try: s =zlib.decompress(data) except: ...Learn More
  3. Python: compress large files

    I have to compress files. Given that files can be large, I have to split them into chunks. Also, if the user provides a password, I have to encrypt the files, so I'd prefer to use a compression library that acc...Learn More
  4. Decompressing zlib data from .tmx (Tiled) file

    I'm trying to write a .tmx loader that will load the Tiled map data directly into my game. I've already written the Base64 decoder and decoded the string. However, I receive no output after decompressing the d...Learn More
  5. PIL zip jpeg decoders not working on runtime but work on install/selftest

    I'm running Debian 6 and recently installed PIL. I have preinstalled the zlib and jpeg libraries, and they're both on /usr/lib When installing, the setup.py file finds the libraries, I get the standard: ------...Learn More
  6. Can zlib.crc32 or zlib.adler32 be safely used to mask primary keys in URLs?

    In Django Design Patterns, the author recommends using zlib.crc32 to mask primary keys in URLs. After some quick testing, I noticed that crc32 produces negative integers about half the time, which seems undesir...Learn More
  7. using zlib with Visual Studio 2010

    I tried to make a simple demo program that use zlib to compress & decompress files, but when I link the file, Visual Studio 2010 linker gave me this error: Error 2 error LNK1313: ijw/native module detect...Learn More
  8. Python zlib output, how to recover out of mysql utf-8 table?

    In python, I compressed a string using zlib, and then inserted it into a mysql column that is of type blob, using the utf-8 encoding. The string comes back as utf-8, but it's not clear how to get it back into a...Learn More
  9. Uncompress a zlib-compressed string in Java

    I have a Java module that is receiving a compressed string from a remote Python script. The Python script compresses the string using zlib.compress(). I simply want to uncompress it in Java and display it to th...Learn More
  10. Python zlib not compressing string?

    I'm going through the python.org's python tutorial, at the moment. I'm on 10.9 and I am trying to use the zlib library to compress a string. However, the len(compressedString) isn't always less than the len(o...Learn More
  11. Compress data before storage on Google App Engine

    I im trying to store 30 second user mp3 recordings as Blobs in my app engine data store. However, in order to enable this feature (App Engine has a 1MB limit per upload) and to keep the costs down I would like ...Learn More
  12. How to decode the gzip compressed data returned in a HTTP Response in python?

    I have created a client/server architecture in python, I take HTTP request from the client which is served by requesting another HTTP server through my code. When I get the response from the third server I am ...Learn More