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  1. Radial plotting algorithm

    I have to write an algorithm in AS3.0 that plots the location of points radially. I'd like to input a radius and an angle at which the point should be placed. Obviously I remember from geometry coursework that ...Learn More
  2. Count number of points inside a circle fast

    Given a set of n points on plane, I want to preprocess these points somehow faster than O(n^2) (O(nlog(n)) preferably), and then be able to answer on queries of the following kind "How many of n points lie ins...Learn More
  3. Intersection of two lines defined in (rho/theta ) parameterization

    Have created a c++ implementation of the Hough transform for detecting lines in images. Found lines are represented using rho, theta, as described on wikipedia: "The parameter r represents the distance betwe...Learn More
  4. wxPython Geometry problem

    I'm trying to get the button to be right of the label. I set the tuple and am still not sure why it covers the label. Also is there a good tutorial available on wxpython geometry? import wx import wx.lib.agw....Learn More
  5. Conversion of miles to latitude and longitude degrees using geopy

    Background I want to add a model manager function that filters a queryset based on the proximity to coordinates. I found this blog posting with code that is doing precisely what I want. Code The snippet below ...Learn More
  6. The Law of Sines with Proof

    The Law of Sines with Proof It states that the ratio of any side to the opposite sine in a given triangle has a constant value. Each triangle belongs to one of three groups about which membership its angles d...Learn More
  7. just a canvas in a tkinter window

    If I try to place a canvas in a tkinter window and nothing else with this code: from tkinter import ttk from tkinter import * from tkinter.ttk import * class Application(Frame): def createWidgets(self): ...Learn More
  8. Freehand Drawing in Angular

    Freehand Drawing in Angular I wanted to something fun for the holiday season, so I decided to port a variable-width stroke from the Flex Freehand Drawing Library I created back in the early 2010’s. This stroke...Learn More
  9. Connect two Line Segments

    Given two 2D line segments, A and B, how do I calculate the length of the shortest 2D line segment, C, which connects A and B? ...Learn More
  10. Scripting A Hexagon Grid Add-On For Blender 2.91

    This tutorial explores how to make a grid of regular convex hexagons in Blender with Python, then how to turn that script into an add-on. An example render made with the add-on looks like so: A grid rendered i...Learn More
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  11. Nobody Is Brave Enough to Redesign the Waffle

    In 1611, Johannes Kepler proposed a theoretical maximum density for packing spheres in 3D space. Regardless of how they were arranged in a box, he said, you will never fill more than 74% of your total box volum...Learn More
  12. How to determine if a Delaunay triangle is internal or external?

    I am writing a program that requires a implementation of Medial Axis extraction, of which Delaunay triangulation is a step. External medial axis is unwanted so the corresponding external triangles are intended ...Learn More