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  1. Integrity Challenge Day 5 — Heart Healthy Benefits

    Apparently regular exercise isn’t the only refuge of the health challenged heart of humans. Another excerpt taken from the blog Live and Dare: More people die of heart diseases in the world than any other ill...Learn More
  2. How Cardiac Rehab and Pulmonary Physical Therapy Combine to Help You Recover From Surgery

    How Cardiac Rehab and Pulmonary Physical Therapy Combine to Help You Recover From Surgery BetterPT Feb 7, 2019·4 min read February marks the start of American Heart Month! There’s no better time to learn about...Learn More
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  3. Hugging the Infinite Heart.

    Crossed world cultures. Cultures of indigenous wisdom. Culture of Mother Nature. Cultures of nurtured dignity, respect, admiration, gratitude. Swaying branches. Eagle flights. Running wolf & crawling spider. An...Learn More
  4. Wound Tears

    Wound Tears Let’s start the story the day you met me Let's start at the beginning where the heart is full of joy Let’s start, let’s start again May I ask for another moment I just want to see your sweet sm...Learn More

    Originally published at https://myacare.com. “Did you know that February is American Heart Month?’ Each one of us grows up hearing the word heart attack time and again. There are countless movie scenes which d...Learn More
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  6. Living in the Heart and Spiritual Bypass

    Love isn’t the work of the tender and gentle; Love is the work of the wrestlers. The one who becomes a servant of Lovers is really a fortunate sovereign. Don’t ask anyone about Love. Ask Love about Love….~ Rumi...Learn More
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  7. To ask her out, or not to ask her out?

    Sometimes, Well quite often actually, I find myself, Feeling deeply infatuated, By a person, Whom I’ve met only once, A feeling, Of fantasy, That perhaps, I will find love in this person, Or something...Learn More
  8. TAVR, Innovation, and the Future of Healthcare | The Doctor Weighs In

    By: Fahed Bitar, MD Minimally-invasive procedures such as TAVR and a team-based approach to medicine are two types of innovation that provide patients with better overall care. Angiogram of Healthy Heart (Pho...Learn More

    THE STORY OF HEART AND MIND. It wasn’t long before that I realised that it is not anybody else who is going to make you feel loved and valued, but it is only you who can do that for yourself. Your body is your...Learn More
  10. Covid-19 Can Spread To The Heart And Cause Serious Damage

    The Covid-19 virus is now known to target an enzyme that is highly expressed by the cardiac cells that comprise the heart. Covid-19 targets the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor as a means of inf...Learn More
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  11. Intuition, Stress, and our Hearts and Brains

    How paying attention internally can lead to dramatic results. Image by Erzebet T he more we grew older and interacted with society, we began to develop more patterns and recognition of our outside world. In t...Learn More
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  12. Helping Hearts for the Helpless Hearts…❤️

    In India if we see the situation and condition a poor is living be it an urban or rural region, the hardship & difficulties he/she might be facing is given very less importance, it is not strange thing but it i...Learn More
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