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  1. Easy Ramadan Prep for Busy Moms — Biscuits & Banarsi Style

    Ramadan is only a week away! I haven’t been able to get into the Ramadan Spirit so I thought i’d make a guide for myself and other Moms who want to be hyped for Ramadan!One of the reasons that I’ve been draggi...Learn More
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  2. My Son Keeps a Daily Gratitude Journal — Maybe We All Should

    My Son Keeps a Daily Gratitude Journal — Maybe We All Should His emotional growth is just as important as his intellectual development Photo: Getty Images My son is 11 years old. Like most parents, my ex and...Learn More
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  3. How to Raise Rich Kids Instead of Poor Spoiled Kids

    The Steps I Had Taken to Help My Children Understand Money Photo and Illustration by Author: Julio Borroto 1. Saving Money and Giving to Charity Your kids will need to make money, have your kids do small cho...Learn More
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  4. To the Family Members Who Think We’re “Living in Fear”

    To the Family Members Who Think We’re “Living in Fear” I wrote this email to a family member, but never sent it. Hopefully it’ll help someone else in a similar position. There are thousands of reasons to limi...Learn More
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  5. A Label-free Kid

    A Label-free Kid And a difficult conversation for his mother Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash -Mom, what’s a “good kid”? -What do you mean? -Does it have a definition? Is there in the dictionary? -Not that...Learn More
  6. Reader, Set Down Thy Pen

    Reader, Set Down Thy Pen The Art of Reading: Finding Balance Between Pleasure and Purpose In the essay “How I Read” for The New York Review of Books, Tim Parks gives advice on reading actively, pen in hand, s...Learn More
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  7. Kids Need School But Should We Send Them?

    Parents are having to make a hard choice Image by pedro_wroclaw from Pixabay My kids are nine, seven, and five right now and they have been out of school since the middle of March, when the pandemic broke out...Learn More
  8. Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Learning Than You Might Think Chapter 1— Any Kid Can Code

    ''' Importing two libraries: 1. turtle is our own friend 2. random - introducing new library which will help to select the random values to have different color at each square ''' import turtle import r...Learn More
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  9. ­­­­Money Matters Through My Son’s Eyes

    ­­­­Money Matters Through My Son’s Eyes Modeling Good Habits for Our Kids’ Financial Education Rashad helping me cook at age four. ­­­ Ever since my oldest son Rashad could walk he has been helping me in th...Learn More
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  10. Undeniable That You are ready to Graduate to Playing With Widgets : Any Kid Can Code

    Let us capitalize on our learnings so far. In last two blogs, we learnt GUI Programming and managed move some widgets within our canvas. You can refer below blogs: We will solve two tasks mentioned in the abov...Learn More
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  11. Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sleeping

    Don’t Touch Me, I’m Sleeping Tired out, touched out. Sleep. We all talk about it, think about it, and many of us don’t get enough of it. Parents, in particular, lament the lack of sleep associated with having...Learn More
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  12. School is a Capitalist Scam

    School is a scam. Now we said it. I caught my first whiff of corruption in the third grade, when a teacher who had no business being so close to my face, leaned aggressively over my desk and barked, “Why aren’...Learn More
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