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  1. Guide to Simple Email Service (AWS SES) with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction AWS SES (Simple Email Service) is a simple-to-setup email sending and receiving service. It is usually difficult, finicky and tedious to manage an on-premis...Learn More
    SimpleJavaEmailSpringSpring BootawscloudSpring Cloud
  2. Prevent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Spring Boot with Content-Security Policies (CSPs)

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Introduction The security of users and their personal data while using a web application is paramount. While this guiding principle has been acknowledged even from the e...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring Bootspring security
  3. Pretty-Printing JSON with Jackson in Java and Spring Boot

    .lazyload-placeholder { display: none; } Jackson is one of the most common libraries for working with serialization and deserialization in Java and Spring Boot, primarily used for parsing and converting between...Learn More
    JavaJsonSpringSpring Bootjackson
  4. Spring Boot: Guide to RestTemplate

    Introduction In this guide, we'll be taking a look at one of the most frequently used and well-known template in the Spring Ecosystem - known as RestTemplate, and how to use RestTemplate to send HTTP requests, ...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring Bootspring security
  5. Guide to Quartz with Spring Boot - Job Scheduling and Automation

    Introduction Time is precious and delegating time and resources to perform menial tasks tends to waste resources and money. Hence, organizations strive to achieve full-scale automation in their systems since it...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring Boot
  6. Spring Data JPA - Guide to the @Query Annotation

    Introduction If you have worked with Spring Data JPA for any length of time - you're probably acquainted with derived query methods: public interface MyRepository extends JpaRepository<client, long=""> { ...Learn More
    JavaDatabaseMySqlPostgreSQLSpringSpring BootAnnotationjpa
  7. Measuring Java Code Execution Time with Spring's StopWatch

    Introduction Measuring code execution time is a vital step in trying to write efficient applications. Temporal awareness of your code on a machine that might be serving a great deal of users lets you plan furth...Learn More
    JavaSpringSpring Boot
  8. Thymeleaf Path Variables with Spring Boot

    Introduction Thymeleaf is a templating (server-side rendering) engine used by many Java software engineers within Spring-based web applications. An important feature of any web application is the support for dy...Learn More
    JavaVariablesSpringSpring Bootthymeleaf
  9. Spring Security: In-Memory Invalidation of JWT Tokens During User Logout

    Introduction As technology evolves and becomes more prevalent - including the evolution of large-scale service-oriented architectures, managing web security becomes more and more complex. There are many more ed...Learn More
    JavaSecuritySpringSpring Bootspring securityjwt
  10. How to Return HTTP Status Codes in a Spring Boot Application

    Introduction All Software Engineers that rely on external/third-party services or tools over HTTP would like to know whether their requests have been accepted, and if not - what's going on. Your role as an API ...Learn More
    JavaHTTPSpringSpring Boot
  11. Guide to Unit Testing Spring Boot REST APIs

    Introduction Testing the system is an important phase in a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Testing promotes code reliability, robustness, and ensures high-quality software delivered to clients if implem...Learn More
  12. How to Access Property File Values in Spring Boot

    Introduction Application properties may vary in different environments like how the hosts on your QA environment may vary from your local and production environments. Using Spring Boot, different environments c...Learn More
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